Instead of saving your paper receipts or your paper bills, try ‘scanning’ importing them into an application called Evernote. Don’t think of scanning like the old way where you have a flatbed scanner that you have to load the document into and then press a button and wait 90 seconds… NO! Instead there’s a great smartphone app called Evernote Scannable. It literally takes a photo of the receipt or bill and allows you to upload to Evernote directly!

…the application has an ingenious feature that actually reads through the scanned document and makes text searchable!

I recently needed to find out when I bought my notebook to see if it was still in warranty. In Evernote, I just typed “MacBook” and chose “Receipt” from the list of tags that you can attribute to documents. Tags are like file folders in a filing cabinet. Inside my “Receipts” folder, are all my receipts for everything I have purchased, and finding them takes seconds.

We all don’t have the best memory, so when it comes to looking something up, Evernote wins! The best part is that it is free, and for many users, the free version will work quite nice.

Evernote is an app that runs on your Mac or Windows computer, and most importantly on your smartphone! You can also access your files on the web too. You don’t need to use Evernote just for receipts and bills. There’s an ENDLESS list of things you can store in it… such as

  • Storing recipes
  • Create checklists
  • Taking screenshot images
  • Bookmarking and saving pages on the web
  • Storing user guides for appliances

Here’s a brief 1 minute overview of Evernote that takes just a few minutes to see how powerful this tool is!