If you own an Apple iPhone, using iMessage to accomplish some pretty cool tasks is what iOS does quite well, but only if you know how to execute them. You can download an app for this and an app for that, but eventually we all run into App overload. Why download an app just to do a quick task?

Here’s a few you can try out in iMessage for starters…


You probably already know this first trick, but when someone messages you with a date/time in the actual phrase in iMessage, your iPhone will generally figure out that this is an event that should be going into the calendar. An example is “Want to go for dinner at 7PM tomorrow? If you tap the date/time part of the message, it’ll open up an option for you to create the event. See how easy?!

Package Tracking

Need to track a package from USPS, UPS or FedEx? Just type the Tracking Number without any spaces straight into iMessage to yourself or another person. Don’t have a package to test? No problem! Here’s a test tracking number for you… and iMessage is smart enough to figure out the package carrier too! Just put this number straight into iMessage to yourself and see. 403934084723025

Once you hit enter after placing the number into iMessage, it’ll have a nice underline on it. Tap it! Voila!

Flight Tracking

Curious to know if a flight has departed or arrived on time? Or perhaps the plane may be late and you need a quick update. There’s no need to download an app… you can get this information right in iMessage too. Type in the 2 digit flight carrier (example: UA is United Airlines), and follow the 2 digits with the flight number. An example is UA1221. Sometimes your flight might be a codeshare, so you can use that number too if you have it. Try this flight and see for yourself where it’s going, and what its status is.

Send Money

Need to send or request cash with a friend? As long as you both have iPhones, and are in the United States, you can use Apple Pay Cash to send/receive money with just the tap of a button. A value like $25.00 is recognized in iMessage, and tapping it will trigger the Apple Pay Cash feature where you can request or send this amount to the person you are chatting with.

As Apple continues to develop their iOS platform, it’s only a matter of time before more features become available. I can imagine more useful things like traffic updates, movie times, and other quick bits that we need to make our days productive showing up in iMessage.